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You have a lot to give this world, and somehow you’re struggling to get it out there. Are you ready for the kind of challenging support for you to make breakthroughs – and hold you accountable for mindful action?

If you work with me, we will track your energy and environment closely. What inspires and invigorates you, what drains you, where do you get stuck? We will access useful information from your mind, body, heart and your deepest essence and purpose on this earth.

You pick the topics – and I support you to make choices that set you on a conscious and intentional path of growth and value creation, whether independently or as part of an organisation. I will be your ally – both when things go well and when they don’t.

How individual coaching works

Designed to suit you

Every coaching relationship is different. From the very start, our shared focus is on what will work best for you: not just what outcomes you want, but also what atmosphere and culture will enable you to make your greatest breakthroughs.

Remember: coaching is not about making you into somebody else. It is about you figuring out the best way to be you.

Cycles of action and reflection

We typically meet for 60 or 90 minutes, about once every 3 weeks. You always choose the agenda; I am responsible for finding the ways that suit you best to get the new insights you need. Then you choose both the mindful actions and reflection questions that you take into your life to process before our next meeting.

Live and fully engaged

Whether working virtually or meeting in person, we will co-create a courageous space where you have time to think, feel and take stock.

  • You are welcome at my quiet spacious hillside venue in Kensington, Johannesburg
  • Depending on your location I might be able to come to you
  • We can work virtually, saving time and money and burning less fuel

Getting the most value

What I have noticed over the 10+ years I have been coaching, is that those clients who are able to create a mix of in-person and virtual sessions often seem to get the most “bang for their buck.” It seems that we often work best when we start things up by meeting in person, and then advance the agenda through virtual sessions.

Enterprise. Action for change. Creativity.

Business success. Deep roots. Organisation, community and relationship building.

If you want to make more of your life and your leadership impact in an enterprising way, then I can coach you to identify, understand and fulfil your potential both as an individual and in relationship with others.

In equal measures, I will challenge and support you. We will meet (virtually or in person in Johannesburg) about 8 times over six months in a flexible programme that allows you to take a deep dive during our meetings. Each time you walk out with new insights and mindful actions that you choose. The real work is for you to reflect on these insights and put into action the decisions you make, in your life between our sessions. Next session: you choose the agenda, and I also hold you accountable about the actions you chose previously.

I work with people I believe in. Please check out these pages and contact me if it feels like we might be a good fit.

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