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What participants say - around the world

We have interviewed several participants on their expectations, experiences and takeaways from these courses around the world. Here are their frank words:

HR Manager in global IT firm - completed ORS@Work in London in February 2012, interviewed via Webex on 5 March:

"On the course I got practical tools I can apply at work. We work mostly via phone and Webex in global virtual teams and these new tools are useful, I am already applying them:

  • Designing the Team Alliance – great for setting up global virtual teams and for making meetings more functional.
  • Constellations – really useful to do via virtual whiteboard, makes online meetings more lively and physical, and everybody gets a good sense of where people are about the key issues in the project and the team.
  • Alignment coaching and conflict mediation – good for me in HR when we get involved in escalated situations and good for managers to get them used to dealing with issues in the workplace.
  • The third entity work – in my context it won’t be done physically but the conceptual approach is valuable."

Read the full interview for her pre-course expectations and on-course experiences

SK – Corporate Strategy Project Manager turned coach, UK - completed ORS@Work in London in March 2012, interviewed via Skype 20 March:

"I wanted

  • to move my focus in coaching more from individuals to groups, and
  • my role from team leader to the facilitator of team leadership and the coach of teams and their leaders."

 Read the full interview to hear her experiences and what she got from the course

Stephen Light, Corporate Leadership Facilitator and Coach, PeopleActiv, South Africa & United Kingdom - completed ORSC Fundamentals in London in May 2012:

  • "I wanted a defined approach – to know what I am really coaching when working with teams, and how to make both myself and the team more effective in the engagement.
  • "I want to become accredited as a Relationship Systems coach (ORSCC) to back up my marketing as a team coach with solid credentials in addition to my one-on-one qualifications.
  • "I also wanted to explore how greater relationship skill might improve my personal life, relationships and my marriage as well as possibly open up new work for me in coaching couples."

Read the full interview to hear his experiences and what he got from the course

MW - Leadership trainer and coach to not-for-profit sector, UK - completed ORSC Fundamentals in Lodon in March 2012:

• It felt like “oh, of course.”  Both really logical and revelatory at the same time.

• Dealt with the missing bit that has been coming up for me in coaching and team development work.

• The surprise was – why didn’t I come across this earlier?

• Exercises were delightful – they are what this is all about.

Read the full interview including her expectations and what practical tools she took away from the course

What participants say - ORSC Series

The first South Africans completed the ORSC Series in SA in May 2013. Their stories coming soon.

  • I got phenomenal value from the ORSC Series!
  • The group dynamic in my cohort on the Series was powerful. We had a shared desire to be change agents. Deep questions emerged, it was not always fun yet I was always learning.
  • In times of doubt we learned a metaskill of trust – trusting that while the going is tough, the outcome will be good.

Read more from a South African coach recently moved to UK

  • I had moved from the rank and power of being a Tutsi in Burundi to the marginalised place of being a black African asylum seeker and refugee in the UK. I’d been studying process work for two years, and I was searching for practical ways to apply it. The ORSC Series offered me a way to tap into professional tools to apply process work, for my personal growth in my job in local government and in building a practice as a coach.

Read more from a Burundian making a new life in UK

ORSC Certification

The first South Africans begin ORSC Certification in September 2013. Here's feedback from further afield:

What Participants say - South Africa

The first Organisation and Relationship Systems at Work (ORS@Work) course in Joburg was held on 15 and 16 May, 2012. Here is feedback from participants, quoted with their permission:

Would you recommend the course to others?

  • "Yes, relationships are the cornerstone to everything. We will have less "toxic" environments if more people can apply these skills" - AI, consultant on systemic change project in government institutions
  • "It goes way beyond coaching/consulting/management/leadership, and it is highly practical" - CM, Diversity facilitator and coach
  • "This work layers beautifully with our Science of Happiness at Work programme. All our practitioners would benefit from it” - TP, Director, Stoke
  • "Yes, yes, yes! It's in our African DNA to work this way, it's a reawakening!" - AF, director of foundation serving education sector
  • "Great learning of systems and how to be in them" - NL, University Deputy Registrar
  • "The concepts are great and the application quite simple" - DR, OD consultant in major bank
  • "Because I think that they'll find some gems here which will be useful to their work" - JM, academic
  • "Most SA coach training is one on one focused, and yet people are part of a system. This training would strengthen the skills and ultimately their effectiveness and impact" - co-author of book on Team Coaching
  • "Even if one's intention is to remain as individual coach, it is highly relevant and there are many useful and easily accessible tools to gain access to understanding the system" - Eileen Thayser, Finance director turned executive coach - Outperformance


Other comments:

  • "Get better flipchart pens!"
  • "The practical exercises made the theory real"
  • "I loved being treated as an adult, that's learning"




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