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Leadership as a role that belongs to all team members

Do you - as a leader or a team member - sense that the traditional boundaries between all-knowing leaders and dutiful followers are tumbling down? My sense is that more and more leaders know that they can't know it all - and more and more followers want to have substantial input into decisions that affect the team and the organisation. Yet the role of leadership is still crucial in our organisations and society.

While it is easy to ask for more democracy and faster change in the workplace, it can be difficult to implement in practice. I've been impressed at the thinking coming both from Marita Fridjhon of CRR Global, and also Harvard Business School change management guru John Kotter. Both are motivated by the demand for organisations and their people to cope better with faster and faster change.

Fridjhon and CRR are world experts on the relationship skills needed to lead and manage change. In his article, Kotter focuses on the new organisational forms that are needed to enable the kind of fluidity that faster change demands. I invite you to check out the resources listed below for further information:


To explore this further, please come to our Systems Inspired Leadership breakfast in Johannesburg on 23 May. To build your Systems Inspired Leadership skill set, you might consider taking the Relationship Systems at Work training offered in various centres around the world by CRR Global:


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