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The Art and Science of Co-Facilitation

Johannesburg, 20-22 February 2020

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Have you ever left a workshop feeling uplifted and inspired? How about ready, able and excited to implement what you have learned? Creating that kind of impact is what Alchemy is all about.

Magical co-facilitation doesn't just happen. But knowing how to mix science and systems theory with verve and vitality gives you and your partner the power to create and deliver great programmes together.

Alchemy is for facilitators who want to "up their game." You will incorporate the latest from systems and adult learning theories plus tips from neuroscience into your repertoire. And you will learn how to deliver seamlessly and in-sync with your partner.

The focus is on co-delivery. The dynamic of two people facilitating well together creates a deep connection with participants and a sense of energy and safety that supports learning that sticks.

I just loved the dance the leaders do together - there is magic that happens. I took Alchemy because I wanted to be able to do the same. And I got the magic - Nathalie Britten, UK coach

Details for download at the links above.

Alchemy gave me clarity and confidence about designing workshops and working with a partner who is really different from me.

The alignment we gained has helped us to appreciate and trust each other, utilising our different and complementary styles and approaches.

We have developed new income streams together.

We keep learning outcomes at the forefront while staying flexible and creating a lively and engaging experience for participants - Julie Darcey, Leadership and Team Dynamics coach


It will be a special privilege to be able to bring these leaders and their course to South Africa for the third time - and here's how coming with a colleague can make it more affordable for you. As at May 2019, 2020 prices not yet finalised:

Costs for Alchemy in 2017 - 2020 prices TBC Price per person excl VAT
Booking as a pair - rate per person R12,000
Individual booking R14,000


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Still curious? Watch the webinar video about how the Alchemy course works and what you get from it:

How ORSC Team Coaching helps Businesses Grow Print E-mail

Advanced ORSC practitioners Ronnie Ndlovu and Mish Middelmann describe how Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) benefits companies that seek to unlock the full potential and grow beyond the ordinary. Companies succeed by staying in relationship to their people, listening to their diverse voices, building the trust that enables sustainable change, and ensuring full accountability for collaboratively designed action.

ORSC Works in the Public Sector Print E-mail

Directors and staff of the New Leaders Foundation describe why and how they have adopted Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) as a core component of their methodology in coaching Department of Education district officials to provide enhanced support for South African schools. They make it clear that this is systemic change work and how important it is for the future of this land. The video ends with feedback from school and education district leaders on the impact of New Leaders Foundation work.

ORSC Works in Community Development Print E-mail

Directors and co-founders of Phaphama Initiatives, Jabu Mashinini and Judy Connors, use their Organisation and Relationship Systems (ORSC) training to enhance and expand the deep community transformation coaching they have been doing in South Africa and around the world for the last 20 years.

Relationship Systems Coaching in Egypt Print E-mail

Systems work in revolutionary times

Hesham El-Gamal, CRR Global partner for Egypt and the Middle East, took his Relationship Systems Coaching skills to the burning questions of his country and his time:

  • How does Egypt preserve and advance the dreams of freedom that flourished at Tahrir Square?
  • How can the different voices of Egypt all be heard for the good of the greater Egypt?

Watch the video for a fascinating insight, both in the the challenges of post-revolutionary Egypt and the application of ORSC skills on a national level.

Note - to get English captions for the video, click on the "Caption" button in the bottom left in YouTube window, see below:


See also TEDx Cairo talk: The Magic of Chasing Dreams

Follow-up: Challenges of maintaining hope amongst the gloom

Hasham speaks to the Vancouver Observer on the eve of the second anniversary of Egypt's revolution.


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