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ORSC Certification is about mastery in systems coaching and leadership

ORSC Certification brings in-depth training, advanced study, powerful large group process, a world work project, and rigorous supervision to your already-advanced ORSC skills and toolset. It exceeds the ICF's requirements for both the ACC and PCC credential and will go a long way towards underpinning the mastery of systems coaching by a pioneering group of ORSC coaches across the African continent. Worldwide, certification also attracts systems-oriented leaders breaking new ground in the collaborative leadership of their organisations. It is not something that will suit everyone - might it be right for you? Please read on for details.

Course Details

This unique, comprehensive, eight-month international program with extensive practice, online study and supervision, is designed to produce the best ORSC practitioners in the world. The ORSC Certification process evolves students of ORSC material from practitioners to masters. The pre-requisite to begin ORSC Certification is successful completion of the ORSC Series.

The ORSC Certification process consists of two semesters (four months each, with a short midway break) of practice, online study, and extensive supervision. Some components of the program include:

  • Skill Drill Calls  90-minute calls during which you will study an ORSC skill or tool in-depth and then apply in practice coaching sessions.
  • 17 Hours of Supervision The program places a premium on supervision with five hours of Group Supervision (learning from each other's coaching recordings), six hours of live Team Coaching Supervision (using two in-depth scenarios) and six hours of Individual (one-to-one) Supervision. This is where the rigorous competency-based testing required by the ICF comes in.
  • Colleague Calls Frequent triads with your fellow students to discuss the material from the course and your Online University study and create community.
  • World Work Project The world work project allows you to apply the ORSC materials in the real world and develop yourself as a change agent. The project can be as modest or ambitious as you choose.
  • 100 Hours of Coaching Students have a year to complete their ORSC-specific coaching hours and the practice requirement supports you crossing the edge to become a successful ORSC practitioner as well as fulfilling the final requirement for your ICF credential.
  • Three-Day Residential Training in group processes with your entire international cohort, co-led by CRR's top faculty members.

The ORSC Certification programme is available internationally

Organised and coordinated directly by CRR Global, the Certification programme can be done from anywhere in the world. The only geographically-specific component of the course is the 3-day Residential which is usually held in the USA. For details of the next Certification programme, please click here.

ICF Accredited Coaching Certification

Those who complete the ORSC Certification programme earn the credential ORSCC and 99.5 CCEUs (in addition to the 84 already earned on the five ORSC modules). Completing ORSC Certification as an ICF ACTP provides more than enough of almost everything* the ICF requires for ACC/PCC credentials. (In other words, with ORSC Certification you more or less walk into either ACC or PCC, depending on your total number of hours coaching your clients.)

* Update March 2014: From 1 April, the ICF will require that "all applicants must take the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment –a multiple-choice, Web-based exam that applicants can take on their home or work computers."



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