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ORSCTM from CRR Global is the only systems-based ICF Accredited coach training program (ACTP) in the world. The ORSC Series provides the Coach-Specific Training requirement towards an ICF credential. Here is an overview of how its component parts fit in with our understanding of the current (as at 21 June 2013) ICF credential process and standards. Please check for the latest ICF standards at ICF Gauteng and ICF International.

ORSC is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program


The entry-level ICF credential (commonly referred to in SA as "ICF Certification") is known by the acronym "ACC" for Associate Certified Coach. The next level up is PCC for Professional Certified Coach, and then MCC for Master Certified Coach. Each new level requires much more coaching experience as well as further training and education and exams.

Paths to ACC

The deepest and most powerful way to ICF Credentials is to complete an entire ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP). In response to demands for deeper and more thorough training for coaching professionals, the ACTP label is not lightly given, and generally requires more than a year of ongoing training, practice, supervision and includes an examination (either by ICF or by your accredited coach training institution).

The complete ORSC System is accredited by the ICF as an ACTP. You can do this in South Africa by completing an ORS@Work or ORSC Fundamentals, then doing the ORSC series of four advanced modules, and thereafter enrolling for the global ORSC Certification programme.

Alternatively, you can get to ACC by the following route:

  • ORS@Work or ORSC Fundamentals
  • ORSC Series
  • 10 Hours of Mentor Coaching
  • 100 Hours of coaching experience
  • Reference letters from two qualified coaches
  • ACC Portfolio application and ICF coaching exam


Above information given in good faith based on careful reading of ICF website during June 2013. Open to improvement by the gurus - and I recommend that you verify your plan with the ICF before proceeding.


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