Teams, Relationships and whole Systems
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Why train in Organisational and Relationship Systems skills?


The programme goes to the heart of leadership in a group situation, through learning to listen to and work with the (partnership, team or organisational) system as a whole. Examples include

  • understanding conflict as a signal that something in the system needs to change
  • addressing the energetic alignment of partners and teams
  • teaching practical conflict resolution methods
  • an intelligent look at how relationship systems affect workplace performance and family success.


Participants are introduced - through hands-on practice backed by solid theory - to a large and very practical relationship systems toolkit. The methods taught in these unique courses draw on cutting-edge wisdom from sources including systems theory, process and constellations work.

Here is the ICF-accredited entry point to this remarkable set of knowledge, wisdom and practical skill:

  • ORS@Work focuses on the workplace, introducing a systems-based leadership model and powerful relationship skills to both business and non-profit leaders and the coaches, consultants and OD strategists who support them. A quick and practical two-day interactive workshop pitched at an intermediate level. It also meets the pre-requisite entry requirements for the ORSCTM Series. Also available in-house. Coaches earn 12 ICF Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) towards new or renewed credentials.

The body of knowledge and skills accessed through both tracks provides a deep yet practical on-ramp to working with Relationship Systems Intelligence in a way that it makes it very accessible and immediately useful to leaders, coaches and facilitators working within private and public sector enterprises as well as couples and families.

  • The ORSCTM Advanced Series builds on the foundations outlined above, and trains advanced coaches and leaders to serve organisations, teams, partnerships and personal relationships in a whole new way. Four additional 3-day modules together with a package of support services spread over several months build advanced skills and provide sufficient coach-specific training for the ICF ACC credential - while equipping managers for systems-oriented leadership.

 ICF Accredited Coach Training ProviderCRR Global, Inc - world leaders in relationship systems intelligence




These courses are presented in South Africa by CRR Global - an ICF Accredited Coach Training School and the creator of the world-renowned curriculum, ORSC: Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching. They provide the only ICF Certified systems-based training courses and certification for coaches, facilitators, consultants, trainers, therapists and counsellors.

Relevance in South Africa

South Africa sits on a sharp edge. We have a painful past and present of division and inequality. We are also world leaders in peaceful resolution of differences and have deep knowledge and experience of what it takes to be tolerant and inclusive. And we are struggling to truly live out our ubuntu mission: a person is a person through other people - I claim my humanity most fully by embracing the humanity and dignity of all others.

In bringing this team coaching and relationship systems training to South Africa, I trust that our land will also teach the teachers. My bigger vision is that people of southern Africa gain access to wonderful expertise for increasing systems awareness and enhanced leadership skills for business and not-for-profit organisations, while our international partners gain the opportunity to share in the pain and the wisdom generated by our history of embracing diversity in high-conflict situations.

If you are the leader of an organisation or team, with a passion for team development and alignment, and you see the importance of relationship systems in your business, then I invite you to explore this further -  ORS@Work as well as the ORSC advanced series can enrich and inform your practice as a leader.

Tailored programmes for specific client organisations are possible.

If you are a coach wanting to go to the next level in applying your one-on-one coaching skills to teams and whole organisations, then this ICF-certified programme is for you. It forms part of a complete ICF-accredited coach training programme, as well as offering ICF certified Continuing Coach Education units for coaches who are already certified.

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