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If you use LinkedIn, you can check out what my past clients are saying about me.

Answers to the question "how do you find Mish as a coach?"

JH, Director and co-founder, MyBeat Interactive mobile marketing specialists, Johannesburg:

"I have found it to be a very un-intrusive way to better understand myself and my real goals and challenges"

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MD, Designer and entrepreneur, Limeblue, Johannesburg:

"You are prepared to go with me wherever I need to go"  

KJ, working parent of two small kids, Johannesburg:

"Very profound for me. You picked up and reflected my feelings very well - it was a relief for me and gave me the encouragement to overcome my fears."

AT, Internet entrepreneur and owner of Imagine Marketing, Sydney:

"&%$#*! great - it just worked. In one 60 minute session, a real life problem that has been hanging around like a bad smell is just gone. You are very astute and perceptive on the phone, and gave me a framework of new perspectives I can work with."

What people say about coaching after being coached by Mish:

  • "Awesome, admirable, amazing" (KJ)
  • "Provided you get the right coach, it is indispensable. Everyone needs a coach, specially if you want to hit your peak in business or a corporate career. Look at Roger Federer. He is the best in the world at what he does and he still has a coach." (AT)

Please click here to request contact details for these and other clients who are willing to share their experiences of being coached by Mish.


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