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International Coaching Federation (ICF)icflogo_transparent.gif

The ICF is the key international body accrediting coaches and ensuring professional standards as well as developing coaching worldwide. It also manages the Code of Ethics to which Enterprising People are coached by Mish in this practice. Mish is a member of the ICF and has been awarded the ICF's global Professional Certified Coach credential, based on his CTI training, references from experienced professional coaches who have observed him coaching, and his own in-depth coaching experience.

Coaches Training Institute (CTI) 

The Coaches Training Institute - International is one ctilogo1.gifof the world's top coach training organisations, fully accredited by the ICF. It is through CTI (then represented in South Africa) that Mish completed his training and passed the written and oral examinations at the end of April 2008 as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC).

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I first found out about Vanissar when a friend gave me a wonderful article about her course created in 2000, called Compassionate Transformation: a Buddhist Way to Unlearn Racism. What a wonderful suggestion for me as a white South African!

It turns out that Vanissar does far more than run courses on unlearning racism. She is a deeply skilled somatic (body-based) coach and has helped me to go deep into the wisdom of the body while continuing to tackle issues of prejudice and working towards greater social justice. And her deep Buddhist roots provide a calm mindful space where learning can flourish.

While Vanissar is based on the west coast of the USA, she has proven in her work with me that Skype sessions do work powerfully, enabling transglobal work in an environmentally sustainable way.

Visit for articles, workshop information, contact details and more.

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Discover your own strengths as a foundation for doing what you love and makes you feel strong, most of the time.

ImageImage Buy the book Strengthsfinder 2.0 including access to your own online strengths test and full online report.

Get in touch with the local champions of the Strengthsfinder process SeeLearnDo.

When I was a CEO, our organisation used SeeLearnDo and the Strengthsfinder process as a powerful tool to enable our people to align their work with their strengths.


Get your own enneagram online at very reasonable cost at The Enneagram Institute

Self Compassion

Go easy on yourself, a new wave of research urges (as reported in New York Times, March 2011). It is amazing what a difference it makes, to treat yourself the way you would normally want to treat the people you love - with kindness and compassion. Yet it is not always the way we actually treat ourselves. Explore your own self-compassion with this quick online self-compassion test.

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Through a rich and deep combination of Kundalini Yoga, thorough training in pyschology, process and constellations work, and underpinned by powerful spiritual wisdom and experience, Itta Roussos takes individuals and groups into places of extraordinary healing and growth.

From my perspective, Itta is a treasure. She has helped me deeply through both group experiences and personal coaching. I encourage you to read more on her website.

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