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Partnership agreement with Relationship Systems experts CRR Global, Inc Print E-mail

Friday 10 February 2012 - CRR Global, Inc today signed an agreement with Enterprisecoach to collaborate in presenting Organisational and Relationship Systems  training in South Africa.

CRR Global provides the only ICF certified systems-based training courses and certification, running advanced training for coaches, facilitators, OD specialists, consultants and business leaders worldwide. The programme iniitially offered in South Africa will be the two-day intermediate-level interactive workshop Organisational and Relationship Systems at Work.

The programme goes directly to the heart of leadership in a group situation, through learning to listen to and work with the (team or organisational) system as a whole.


Key people in creating this new partnership are:
marita_fridjhon patriceforsc mishmiddelmannfeb2012s

Marita Fridjhon

CEO and co-founder of CRR Global, Inc.

Patrice Birot

CRR Global International Partners Coordinator

 Mish Middelmann

Founder, Coaching Enterprising People



Extended coach training agreement with CRR Global Print E-mail

26 June 2012 - Barcelona, Spain: Systems-oriented coaching and leadership experts CRR Global today signed an extended partnership agreement with Mish Middelmann Coaching Enterprising People, to bring CRR Global''s full ICF-accredited (ACTP) coach training system within reach of South Africans for the first time.

After running Organisation & Relationship Systems@Work seminars in Johannesburg in May and August 2012, the full ORSC SystemTM will be launched in Johannesburg in January 2013, with the remaining four ORSC Series modules co-presented by highly trained and experienced international leaders. The four 3-day modules will be spaced about 4-5 weeks apart to allow participants to practice and take full ownership of their new skills. This practice will be strongly supported by international coach/mentoring group calls, local business development-oriented calls, and the opportunity for participants to be coached in the teams or partnerships to which they belong.

The programme goes directly to the heart of leadership in a group situation, through learning to listen to and work with the (team or organisational) system as a whole.

The new agreement was signed at the CRR Global International Partner Summit in Barcelona, Spain, which ran from 25-26 June 2012. Partners at the summit represented Japan, Israel, Dubai, UK, The Netherlands, France, Spain and North America. 

Announcing the agreement, CRR Global International Partner Coordinator Patrice Birot said "We are proud to have a partner of Mish's calibre in our system." CEO and CRR Global co-founder Marita Fridjhon said "This is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the land of my birth."

CRR Global's pre-requisite Intermediate-level courses for both business and personal relationship-oriented coaches and business leaders (ORS@Work and ORSC ICF Accredited Coach Training ProgramFundamentals) will continue to be conducted in Johannesburg during 2012. One of these, together with the four 2013 modules, will make up the coach-specific course modules required as part of CRR Global's ICF Accredited Coach Training Program. South Africans can deepen their skills via CRR Global's full certification programme once they have completed these courses, or together with meeting other requirements, use the coach-specific training as the foundation for a direct portfolio application for ICF ACC or PCC credentials.

Supporting CANSA leaders Print E-mail

21 October 2009 - Through an initiative of Gary Graham of 3i's Group, Mish will begin coaching one of CANSA's Western Cape Regional Managers in November. This pro bono programme will give leadership coaching to the managers of each of CANSA's Western Cape regions for six months, at no cost to CANSA.

The fact that coaches and coachees are located in different parts of the country showcases the versatility of coaching, particularly the co-active model from CTI which is where Mish and Gary met. The quality of communication in co-active coaching is strong enough to allow effective engagement across nothing more than a phone line or a Skype connection and brings the country's best coaches in touch with front line managers of CANSA in the remoter parts of the Cape.

CANSA, the Cancer Association of South Africa, is a community-driven and volunteer-based organisation that has been fighting cancer to save lives for the past 79 years. Started in 1931 by a group of medical professional concerned about the high incidence of cancer, CANSA has grown to become one of the leading cancer NGOs in the country with 45 offices around the country and more than 12 000 volunteers and 260 staff members.

3i's Group is the brainchild of three individuals who have a keen interest in personal and business excellence. As a consulting company they utilise innovative and unique methods and tools to enable greatness in individuals, teams and organisations. They also adhere to strict Quality Management standards to provide a professional service to all their clients.

CTI Certified Professional Co-Active Coach Print E-mail

30 April 2008 - Mish has passed the written and oral exams and completed all the requirements for the international Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) credential awarded by the leading Coaches Training Institute (CTI). Click to view certificate: Mish CTI Certificate Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

The CPCC training and certification programme included a series of basic and intermediate intensive coach training workshops during 2007, a six-month advanced international certification training programme completed in February 2008, a rigorous programme of coaching supervision by three different highly-qualified international supervisors, a written and an oral (practical coaching) exam.

Mish is proud to display the CPCC logo from CTI.

CTI Certified Professional Co-Active Coach Logo 

ICF Professional Certified Coach Print E-mail

14 January 2010 - Mish has been awarded the sought-after International Coach Federation (ICF) Credential as Professional Certified Coach (PCC). This credential is awarded in recognition of both rigorous training in an approved coach training programme and the completion of 750 hours of practical professional coaching, as well as peer recommendation by experienced and credentialled coaches who have observed me coach. It is thus a recognition of both training and experience as a coach.


In Mish's case, the ICF-approved coach certification training programme he completed was the Coaches Training Institute CTI's globally-recognised Certified Professional Co-Active Coach programme which he completed in 2008.

There are only a small number of PCC coaches in South Africa, only 15 at the end of 2009 according to the ICF headquarters. Mish sees his pursuit of rigorous international credentials as one way of supporting higher professional standards in the coaching profession.

Note: ICF credentials require renewal every three years, for which evidence of continuing professional development is needed. Mish renewed his PCC credential in 2013.


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