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Coaching generally works best if you commit to a series of sessions over about six months. This will enable you to explore your current reality and decide on a good way forward, make concrete commitments and then get started on implementing your strategy. You are welcome to meet me (whether by phone or face to face) before you sign up. If you would like a trial session before you commit, we can arrange it.

Once we have committed to working together, we will start with a discovery session. This will be a fun and probing exploration of where you are at, what you want, your vision and values and the context within which we will be working together. We work together to design an alliance that works for both of us, including deciding on ground rules and the kind of working atmosphere that best suits your learning style. By the end of this session we will have clear agreement on your goals in the coaching engagement, and I will commit to uphold these at all times.

After the discovery session, we schedule approximately two regular sessions per month. These will range from 30 minutes to two hours depending on the arrangement that suits you best. On the phone, we can work together wherever you and I are in the world. You will be surprised how effective telephone coaching is. Face to face sessions are usually available at my hillside garden venue, centrally located in Johannesburg.

We will evaluate our progress at least once every three months. Many clients complete their work in between three and six months, and some go on a little longer. Each coaching relationship is unique and will be tailored to suit your needs.

I will bill you monthly in advance for my coaching service, and included in the fee is reasonable access by email and telephone for brief discussions between sessions. For individual clients and small business owners, my rates will depend on the exact format we design for you. To give you an idea of typical rates, here is an example:

  • For two 60-minute face-to-face sessions plus 15 minutes of ad-hoc follow up interaction per month, my typical monthly fee for individuals is currently R5500 (approx US$370), excluding VAT.


Please contact me for details of corporate services and rates, which take into account both the agenda of the organisation and that of the individual. Fees for corporate work depend on the complexity of the system and the level of the coachee's leadership. I serve both public and private enterprises.


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