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Engaging online

Without transmitting the coronavirus: virtual is the way. Over 15 years facilitating deep, interactive online work enables me to continue serving you, wherever you are, via the most convenient online platform available.

Don’t limit your thinking to one-on-one! You will be amazed what we can do to bring teams and learning groups alive with powerful yet simple technology.


Link to SA coronavirus resource portal

Access to SA’s official COVID-19 Corona Virus Resource Portal.

Transform your own life and leadership,

with individual coaching

Develop your team to thrive in the volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous world of today and tomorrow,

 with systemic team coaching

Transform your organisation,

for the 21st Century and beyond

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Mish Middelmann coaches enterprising people
More about Mish
  • Co-founding CEO of software and services innovation company in Johannesburg from 1993 to 2006
  • Certified leadership coach 2007
  • Certified systemic team coach 2014
  • Working across Africa, Europe and Asia as a leadership and team coach and trainer of systemic coaches

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What it really takes for smart collaboration

Business cases for smart collaboration abound, yet genuine creative collaboration in business is remarkably rare. As Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law School Heidi Gardner PhD points out in her forthcoming book Smart Collaboration, people need to collaborate across a variety [...]

Constellations – the language of human systems

Last week it was brought home to me just how important constellations are as the language of relationship systems (relationship system = an interdependent group with common purpose or identity). A group of relatively new ORSC practitioners was meeting [...]

Lessons from the person who bought my business

Just over ten years ago, I sold my shares in the hi-tech business I had co-founded, and stepped out of the founder-CEO role. Recently I asked the buyer (who took over as CEO) to look back on the time [...]

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Get an experienced former CEO and serial social entrepreneur on your side …

Live and in person – or virtual – anywhere in the world

It’s interactive, it’s all about you and your impact in relationship with others

Flexible scheduling to suit your needs

Carve out some time to care for your own learning and growth

Solid and reliable

The purpose is enabling you to make long term sustainable change